Ge Ecm Motor Wiring Diagram

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Good Ge Ecm Motor Wiring Diagram ECM Motor Troubleshooting – Part 1 | York Central Tech Talk

Good Ge Ecm Motor Wiring Diagram ECM Motor Troubleshooting – Part 1 | York Central Tech Talk

Ge ecm motor wiring diagram - In case you examine my last put up on “what is an ecm motor??? you must have a basic knowledge of ways an ecm motor works.? as promised, we can now communicate about the way to troubleshoot device with ecm motors.? this could be offered in three parts so make certain you don’t pass over any of them. Additionally, to make certain right operation and safety, the motor should have a nicely grounded connection from the five pin connector to floor.? that is confirmed by means of analyzing from pin three (floor)  and the unit chassis. You ought to read 0 resistance with an ohm meter.?.

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With the main electricity restored, you have to be capable of study the power on the 5 pin connector.?(preserve in mind, that if there's no jumper among positions 1 & 2, the motor is set up to operate on 220 volts so set your meter efficaciously) if energy isn't gift, take a look at the harness, take a look at for strength on the board, take a look at for blown fuses, ensure the door interlock is closed, and so on. Ecm cars used in “popular” gadget perform in “thermostat mode” that means that 24 volts is sent to diverse pins on the 16 pin harness plug primarily based at the system mode of operation.?by means of this, i suggest, what is the thermostat calling for — warmness (1st or second level), cool (first or second level), fan only, warmth pump cooling, dehumidification (reduced blower speed), and so forth?? once what mode of operation you are in, you could now see if the board or manipulate is sending out the right communications to the motor module.

After all of the input voltages have been confirmed or corrected, you want to show off the electricity to the unit and reconnect the 5 pin plug lower back onto the module.? the plug need to be connected all of the way and locked into place to save you arcing. If it isn't always completely connected and the locking tabs on the give up are not “clicked” into vicinity, vibration may want to motive the plug to transport and ruin the electricity connection to the module.

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