Honeywell Thermostat T6360B Wiring Diagram

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Expert Honeywell Thermostat T6360B Wiring Diagram Honeywell T6360

Expert Honeywell Thermostat T6360B Wiring Diagram Honeywell T6360

Expert Honeywell Thermostat T6360B Wiring Diagram Honeywell T6360 - Hoped a person in the recognise could deliver me a bit of recommendation on wiring up a honeywell t6360 to show my oil rad on when temps drop under 22 celsius. I have searched on here and wired it up how i idea was correct consistent with the wiring diagram and bits on here but it ain't working. A beep check will train you a lot, keep the beep tester between terminals 1 and three and flip the dial if the beep doesnt transfer then the stat is goosed but if that is a brand new stat then i might say its noticeably not likely and i might be surprised, its no longer impossible even though as it does appearance successfully wired, it is able to be feasible the schematic is incorrect and its actually terminal four you need and now not terminal 3. Looks like you have got the mains stay and the heater live the incorrect manner round, if i recall proper from doing boilers the #1 terminal turned into stay in and 3 turned into the boiler side so three have to be heater, hope this helps. When you have nominal voltage (230 ish) and 0v end result among impartial and earth you already know the plug is efficaciously stressed and fuse is functioning (any other way to test fuse is continuity take a look at as before among the two ends of the fuse and if it beeps like before u have continuity and is quality).

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