Bac Vibration Switch Wiring Diagram

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Excellent Bac Vibration Switch Wiring Diagram LMI DC4500 Series A Instruction Manual - Chemical Pumps US

Excellent Bac Vibration Switch Wiring Diagram LMI DC4500 Series A Instruction Manual - Chemical Pumps US

Bac vibration switch wiring diagram - All setpoints and parameter settings are retained permanently in a unique nonvolatile laptop chip memory, preventing their loss due to a energy outage. This nonvolatile memory chip lets in the unit to be programmed earlier than installation. No battery powered backup is needed. Constructed in check circuits are provided to test every man or woman relay output wiring and to allow for quick discipline service isolation of defective probe, circuit cards, pumps, or solenoids for ease of troubleshooting. A show for temperature is also provided. The variety is 32° f to 158° f [0° c to 68° c]. The display may be either fahrenheit or centigrade. This studying also gives the premise for temperature reimbursement which is completed in all modes. The show is a sixteen-character backlit lcd (liquid crystal show) which is visible in all light situations. A 3-key position membrane is used to enter records and settings (see discern 1). The conductivity range is zero – 20,000 µsiemens. The devices may be either µsiemens or ppm/tds (overall disolved solids).

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The dc4500 is a microprocessor-based totally conductivity controller. It's far designed for use in a selection of water remedy packages requiring specific manipulate of definitely dissolved solids and chemical feed. Amongst its many makes use of, the dc4500 will manipulate conductivity and chemical feed in cooling towers and closed loop structures. Lmi’s dc4500 collection of conductivity controllers permits the best programming flexibility for cooling tower gadget packages. That is carried out through the use of an intensive alternatives menu that is straightforward to apply. Bleed or blowdown of device water by way of valve manipulate can be based on several setpoint alternatives:.

1.Zero creation 2.Zero installation 2.1 mounting the controller enclosure 2.2 enclosure mounting dimensions 2.3 electric wiring records 2.4 terminal strip layout three.0 running the controller 3.1 menu evaluation three.2 conductivity three.3 set factor three.Four ∆ differential three.Five low alarm three.6 high alarm three.7 feed 3.8 clock three.Nine view biocide three.10 upload biocide 3.11 biocide lockout 3.12 biocide prebleed 3.Thirteen guide outputs three.14 advanced setup three.15 temperature 3.Sixteen h2o meter four.0 begin-up 4.1 cooling tower set up 4.2 cooling tower start-up four.3 bleed sampling alternative five.Zero calibration 6.0 preservation 7.0 troubleshooting 8.0 manufacturing facility settings 9.0 product specifications 10.Zero product exploded view eleven.Zero product parts list.

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