Schluter Thermostat Wiring Diagram

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Detail Schluter Thermostat Wiring Diagram Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-RSD: Thermostat Installation

Detail Schluter Thermostat Wiring Diagram Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-RSD: Thermostat Installation

Schluter thermostat wiring diagram - Ditra-heat-e-rt is a programmable touchscreen thermostat used to control the ditra-heat-e-hk heatbuilt-ing cables (either one hundred twenty v or 240 v). The thermostat functions a five ma 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 floor fault circuit integratedterrupter (gfci) with built-indicator mild and built-includesbuilt-includes|consists of a floor temperature sensor. Ditra-warmness-e-rt is operated thru liquid crystal display touchscreen controls and functions a pre-set time table for comfort, which can be programmed to fit shape|healthy|match|suit any agenda. Heatintegratedg cables may be connected to the thermostat, as much as the overall heatbuilt-ing load restriction of 15 amps. The ditra-warmth-e-rr energy module may be used integrated conjunction withintegrated conjunction with|along side|at the side of|together with|along with the thermostat when the heatbuilt-ing load exceeds 15 amps (e.G., Integrated huge ground packages) to integratedtaintegratedkeep|mabuilt-intaintegrated|hold|preserve a integratedgleunmarried|sintegratedgle built-intpobuilt-int|factor of manipulate. 12. Strip the ends of the floor temperature sensor to show the wires for ease of set up. Insert the ground temperature sensor wires into terminals c and d. Word that the ground temperature sensor wires have no polarity and may be interchanged between c and d terminals. Tighten the screws to cozy the wires. Be aware: ditra-warmth-e-hk heating cables may be related and controlled by using a single ditra-warmness-e-rt thermostat if the total current is much less than 15 amps. The heating cable leads ought to be wired in parallel according to relevant electrical and building codes. More than one ditra-warmness-e-hk heating cables over 15 amps cannot be linked to a unmarried ditra-heat-e-rt thermostat. Additional ditra-warmness-e-rt thermostats should be used or the ditra-warmness-e-rt thermostat can be mixed with the ditra-warmness-e-rr power modules. Five. For ease of set up, form the electric line wires into an “m” or accordion shape. This can make it less complicated to fold them well into the electrical box. Loosen the load screws on the pinnacle of the thermostat till they forestall. Earlier than installing and running this product, the proprietor and/or installer must study, recognize and comply with these instructions and preserve them on hand for destiny reference. If those commands are not observed, the warranty may be taken into consideration null and void and the producer deems no further duty for this product. Furthermore, the following commands should be adhered to a good way to avoid non-public accidents or property damages, extreme injuries and probably fatal electric shocks. All electric powered connections should be made by using a qualified electrician, in line with the electrical and constructing codes powerful to your vicinity. Do now not join this product to a deliver source apart from a hundred and twenty vac, 208 vac or 240 vac, and do not exceed the specified load limits. Defend the heating machine with an appropriate circuit breaker or fuse. You must frequently smooth dirt accumulations on or in the thermostat. Do no longer use fluid to smooth thermostat air vents. Do not use in which uncovered to water.

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