Vossloh Schwabe Ballast Wiring Diagram

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Creative Vossloh Schwabe Ballast Wiring Diagram Wiring Up A Vossloh-Schwabe Ballast To 2 T5 Fluorescent Lamps | APSA

Creative Vossloh Schwabe Ballast Wiring Diagram Wiring Up A Vossloh-Schwabe Ballast To 2 T5 Fluorescent Lamps | APSA

Wiring up a Vossloh-Schwabe ballast to 2 T5 fluorescent lamps | APSA - The pcb itself may be very slender – its profile fits in the plastic tube base. It's far marked wl17044a. It carries only a few variety of additives, likely as a compromise to hold deliver chain prices low (e.G. All diodes are the identical type, all transistors are the same type, there’s a restricted wide variety of capacitor values). Over time, the plastic covers on these start to crack because of degradation after being exposed to fluorescent light, and the t5 tubes need changing. The price of the t5 tubes can be excessive if you’re most effective shopping for a few, and that i wasn’t too thrilled with the performance of the ballast as it now and again flickers a chunk. They were all immediate start, very light, barely buzzy and now, i’ve started to look comparable “plastic body” typed furniture in lifts and beneath-table lights packages.

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I needed to reduce it as much as get get right of entry to to the insides. Sadly, everything became glued together, and bending it provoked the plastic into shattering into shrapnel, so careful slicing controlled to liberate the pcb inner. This is a welcome signal, although, at first, i didn’t understand what it's miles. It’s really a fuse – as a pitcher tablet. It’s now not the same old m205 size or ag3 length soldered down, it’s only a tiny glass pill, almost the size of an old neon indicator bulb. At least i recognize if the ballast catastrophically fails, the issue shouldn’t seize fireplace.

A part of the entire smooth-up commercial enterprise additionally way that i take away a number of my old junk. A few years ago (2006 in reality), on a holiday to hong kong, i purchased a fixed of 4 sunshine branded t5 s13582w 13w ballasts. They had been cheap, from a corner variety store, and they regarded to paintings simply exceptional. The underside well-knownshows how the components are connected, it’s additionally a unmarried layer pcb on a paper type substrate as you anticipate of excessive voltage (and cheap) products. Some of the components caught my eye, so i got a few near-up photographs of it (additionally as a chance to test my lens!).

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