Relay 109 Wiring Diagram

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Complex Relay 109 Wiring Diagram Surrealmirage - Subaru Legacy Swap Electrical Info & Notes

Complex Relay 109 Wiring Diagram Surrealmirage - Subaru Legacy Swap Electrical Info & Notes

Surrealmirage - Subaru Legacy Swap Electrical info & notes - This first phase is greater or less a quick evaluation of the electric connectors and relays you'll want to be acquainted with for the electrical modifications.? there are numerous specific form of relays used within the vehicle's electric machine.? the subsequent scan indicates the differing types. Relay records the following is a listing of the applicable electrical connectors and what machine they're associated with. Ecu connectors b48 - at/mt identification b58 - impartial transfer ignition device b63 - ignition transfer beginning device b15 - (at) inhibitor transfer b45 - snatch switch b92 - starter interlock relay engine electric b15 - (mt) impartial switch b15 - (at) inhibitor transfer b36 - combination meter returned-up mild b15 - (mt) again-up mild transfer b15 - (at) inhibitor transfer at shift lock device b69 - at shift lock control unit cruise control b88 - (mt) take hold of transfer b83 - (mt) grab relay b83 - (at) inhibitor relay. The listing underneath contains information regarding the electric unit places for the numerous relays, control gadgets, switches, sensors, diodes, etc. Which can be located on the car. Electrical unit location index index relay engine room tool panel compartment / baggage room control unit tool panel compartment - baggage room - trunk room transfer engine room tool panel sensor, valve, solenoid, and so forth engine room engine compartment diode, condenser instrument panel trunk room / luggage room fuse and fusible hyperlink engine room / instrument panel pick screen connector and test connector instrument panel electric wiring harness and ground factor sedan / wagon. The electric part of this change can gift some demanding situations/troubles.? if addressed completely, the automobile will hold all manufacturing facility protection features, and perform like it got here from the manufacturing unit with a manual transmission. Subaru does use one of a kind european's among the mt & at ready automobiles, however there is a mt/at identifier pin on the european's.? this pin tells the ecu whether or not the automobile has a manual or automated transmission.? the pin may be found at pin 20 on the eu's b48 connector.? the factory manuals country that for at's the mt/at pin must examine 0v, and the mt's should study 5v.? the european has a reference voltage that it sends to this pin.? if the pin is grounded the voltage will study 0v.? that pin is grounded at the automatics.? all you need to do is snip the twine going to the mt/at pin, and the ecu now knows the auto has a guide transmission. Notice:  i swapped a 1992 european in my vehicle to in shape the 1992 injectors i swapped in.? after i positioned inside the new eu i found that the mt/at identifier pin changed into stressed backwards to what the manufacturing facility manuals said, and to how my 1990 ecu become stressed out.? so i re-attached the cord that went to the mt/at identifier pin, and the 1992 ecu become now setup for the guide transmission. Here are the ecu i/o pages from the manufacturing facility manuals that i used. Ecu i/o web page 1 eu i/o page 2 european i/o web page 3.

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