Toyota Starlet Wiring Diagram

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Complete Toyota Starlet Wiring Diagram Toyota Starlet Wiring Diagram With Example Wenkm Com Beautiful

Complete Toyota Starlet Wiring Diagram Toyota Starlet Wiring Diagram With Example Wenkm Com Beautiful

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If you like this photograph please right click on and keep the photo, thank you for touring this website, we offer a variety of alternatives associated with toyota starlet wiring diagram with example wenkm com stunning pictures for you, do now not hesitate to return again. Wiring connections, connector ids & loom layouts rev 1.2 – closing updated october 2011 author & copyright : alan mears © location : perth, western australia on-line boards consumer call : mearcat this file info a big quantity of wiring information which i may want to verify from the two important wiring looms (cabin & engine bay) that was supplied with a 1991 (gen 1) ep82 toyota starlet gt (4e-fte) the front cut, but an awful lot of the wiring layout and statistics will be appropriate to later toyota starlet models (with eg barely unique connectors or wiring hues). Please notice that there are no unique info of wiring connections and connectors inside the doorways, nor rear wiring loom of the car - because of those elements of the automobile now not protected with the the front cut. The the front reduce become a guide transmission 4e-fte which became now not equipped with tems or abs, so no particular info of these components might be supplied. To endorse of any corrections, please touch me at the above email address. Table of contents page contents 2 wiring loom layout (to scale) 3 connector identification brief reference table 4 connectors 1-15 (cabin loom) five connectors sixteen-30 (cabin loom) 6 connectors 31-42 (cabin loom) 7 connectors 43-fifty seven (engine bay loom) eight connectors fifty eight-seventy two (engine bay loom) nine connectors seventy three-ninety (engine bay loom) 10 connectors ninety one-97 (engine bay loom) eleven connector pinouts & conduction details 12 relay, fuse & temperature sensor ids thirteen relay connection & pin information 14 device cluster connections & pcb tracks 15 instrument cluster wiring diagram 16 european pinout details 17 european wiring diagram 18 electricity & transfer wiring diagram 19 a/c condenser & radiator fan relay configurations web page 1 of nineteen g g 1 4 3 2 to lhs door 41 42 10 eleven 14 13 12 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 24 25 26 31 30 27 32 35 fuse box 37 39 38 36 cabin loom engine bay loom 45 forty four forty three 64 48 rubber firewall grommet 63 fifty one fifty two 53 55 56 fifty seven g ground/earth mount seventy eight g 82 80 81 seventy nine 60 fifty nine sixty one sixty two g a/c relays 85 54 sixty five 66 67 68 88 86 87 89 ninety 91 sixty nine 93 ninety four ninety two g 97 95 front wiring loom format scale 1:10 whilst revealed on a4 sheet scale 1:five while published on a3 sheet batt primary battery ninety six 70 seventy one 72 eighty four eighty three fuse & relay box box above inlet manifold 73 74 75 76 seventy seven 58 batt 50 forty six 47 29 23 22 28 five 6 9 7 eight forty 33 34 21 passengers aspect drivers aspect diag. Ecu european 49 to rhs door web page 2 of nineteen additional five connectors in base of fuse box connector identity brief reference table # cabin loom # engine bay loom # engine bay loom 1 circuit beginning relay forty three to cabin fuse box 85 a/c pressure transfer 2 fan/blower 44 to cabin fuse box 86 front-left major light three fan/heater meeting forty five to cabin loom 87 the front-left park light 4 tems pc / module 46 to cabin loom (connector 41) 88 radiator fan 5 lhd speaker (cabin) 47 to cabin loom (connector forty two) 89 a/c condenser fan 6 interior mild door transfer (left door) forty eight hvac module 90 ambient temperature sensor 7 to strength home windows (left door) 49 windscreen wiper motor (front) ninety one horn 8 to electricity mirrors (left door) 50 sub-harness connector ninety two a/c compressor 9 roof / dome / indoors light 51 vacuum transfer valve ninety three front-right fundamental light 10 heater & a/c dash controls (fan, vent direction, recirc/sparkling air) 52 idle up valve 94 front-proper park light eleven air vent direction motor fifty three diagnostics port (hardwired) ninety five windscreen washing machine pump 12 ecu fifty four reverse activate gearbox 96 the front-right indicator 13 cigarette lighter 55 ignitor 97 the front-proper fog mild 14 stereo rear plug fifty six coil 15 clock (upper dash) 57 unknown sixteen tool cluster (blue connector) 58 throttle position sensor 17 tool cluster (white connector) fifty nine boost pressure / map sensor 18 instrument cluster (boost stress gauge & lo/hi light) 60 starter motor solenoid (foremost voltage) 19 flip signal / indicator flasher module sixty one starter motor solenoid (cause) 20 relay light reminder module 62 alternator 21 brake pedal transfer 63 unknown 22 door manipulate module sixty four ecu 23 rhs speaker (cabin) 65 oil strain sender 24 fog mild on/off transfer 66 catalytic converter overheat sensor 25 tems transfer sixty seven oxygen / o2 sensor 26 relay (hardwired) strength home windows 68 coolant sensor (to hvac module) 27 to strength windows (right door) 69 coolant switch (for radiator thermofan) 28 to strength mirrors (right door) 70 coolant temperature sensor (for sprint temp gauge) 29 interior light door transfer (proper door) seventy one coolant temperature sensor (to ecu) 30 to rear wiring loom 72 distributor 31 energy window control buttons 73 injector 4 32 threat mild button seventy four injector three 33 lo/hi enhance button 75 injector 2 34 rear window demister button seventy six injector 1 35 electricity mirrors adjustment buttons 77 inlet manifold temperature sensor 36 ignition barrel seventy eight idle regulate valve 37 guidance column combination transfer (rear wiper) 79 vacuum solenoid valve 38 steerage column combination transfer (front wipers) eighty knock sensor 39 steerage column mixture switch (lighting & indicators) eighty one low degree brake fluid reservoir transfer forty foot/decrease air course motor eighty two unknown forty one to engine bay loom (connector forty six) 83 the front-left indicator forty two to engine bay loom (connector forty seven) eighty four the front-left fog light connectors are referenced within the following pages with a ‘c-‘ prefix eg c-12 for connector 12 page three of nineteen 1. Circuit opening relay 1. Gasoline pump 12v (blue-white) 2. 12v thru efi relay & european ‘batt’ (black-red) 3. Eu ‘sta’; connector 36 ‘st1’ & starter motor solenoid (black) four. European ‘fc’ (green) five. Gnd (white-black) 2. Fan / blower 1. Sprint fan transfer thru c-10 (blue-purple) 2. From ‘heater” fuse (blue-white) 3. Fan/heater assembly 1. Blue-purple 2. Blue-yellow 3. Blue-black four. White-pink all wires from c-10 (dash buttons) 4. Tems computer / module 1. Ecu con-2 pin 12 (yellow-black) 2. Green-white three. Inexperienced-yellow 4. From ‘ignition’ fuse (blue-green) five. Light green 6. Gnd (white-black) 7. To sprint led c-17 a5 (purple-white) 8. Green-red nine. To sprint led c-17 a7 (purple-black) five. Lhs speaker (cabin) to c-14 purple & dark pink 6. Indoors light door transfer (left door) to roof set up mild c-9 (red-white) 7. To power home windows (left door) 1. Red 2. Green three. Blue-yellow 4. Blue-pink 5. Blue-green (all thicker gauge wire – to c-22) eight. To electricity mirrors (left door) 1. Light green 2. Purple-black three. Pink-white 4. Inexperienced-black 5. Pink-black 1,2,three to c-35 four,5, to c-31 nine. Roof / dome indoors mild 1. Blue-inexperienced 2. White-black 3. To c-6 (blue-yellow) 4. From ‘dome’ fuse (purple-white) 1 & 2 no longer linked (for sunroof?) 10. Heater & a/c sprint controls (fan, vent course, recirc) eleven. Air vent path motor all wires cause c-10 12. Ecu european connector ‘con-2’ thirteen. Cigarette lighter wires (no connectors proven) gnd (white-black) 12v acc (grey) from ‘radio’ fuse 14. Stereo rear plug 1. Left speakers (red & dark red) 2. Proper speakers (light green & blue) three. Gnd (brown) 4. Park lighting lighting sign (inexperienced) 5. 12v regular from ‘dome’ fuse (blue- yellow) 6. 12v acc from ‘radio’ fuse (gray) 15. Clock (upper sprint) 1. Park lighting lighting fixtures signal (green) 2. 12v consistent from ‘dome’ fuse (blue-yellow) three. Gnd (white-black) four. 12v acc (gray) from ‘radio’ fuse 1 2 3 four five 1 2 three 4 five 6 1 2 three four 1 2 1 2 three four 1 2 three four five 1 2 3 four 5 1 2 three 4 1 2 three 4 5 8 nine 6 7 web page four of nineteen sixteen. Instrument cluster for connections, see web page 15 17. Tool cluster for connections, see web page 15 18. Tool cluster (increase pressure gauge (lo/hi) 1. From ‘instrument/dash’ fuse (purple-blue) 2. Hi/lo improve mode from c-fifty nine (mild green) 3. Raise press signal c-33 (mild green-crimson) 4. Gnd (brown) 19. Turn signal / indicator flasher module 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. ??f’ c-32 (mild green) 3. ??tb’ c-32 & c-39 (inexperienced-blue) 20. Relay light reminder module 1. 12v from ‘sprint’ fuse (purple-blue) 2. 12v acc from ‘radio’ fuse (grey) three. Park lighting fixtures lights sign (green) four. Door switch c-29 (purple-inexperienced) 21. Brake pedal 1. 12v from ‘stop lights’ fuse (inexperienced-crimson) 2. To rear of automobile through c-30 (green-white) pedal switch n/o (usually open) 22. Door control module pinnacle row 1-four backside row five-10 1. Pink-blue 2. Pink-green three. Purple (thicker gauge) four. Green (thick gauge) 5. From energy window fuse (blue thick gauge) 6. Inexperienced-red 7. Purple-white 8. Crimson-green (from ‘sprint’ fuse through diode) nine. Inexperienced (thick gauge) 10. Gnd (white-black thick gauge) 23. Rhs speaker (cabin) to c-14 mild inexperienced & blue 24. Fog mild on/off switch 1. To fog lighting fixtures (pink) 2. ??t’ c-39 (green) transfer n/o (usually open) 25. Tems switch 1. C-four light inexperienced 2. From ‘ignition‘ fuse (blue-inexperienced) 26. Relay (hardwired – no connector) – for strength windows 30amp fuse : 1. Ignition ‘am1’ (white) 2. To c-22 (blue – thicker gauge) relay coil : 3. From c-22 (blue-inexperienced) four. Gnd (white-black) relay touch wires : 5. From c-22 (blue – thick gauge) 6. From c-27 (blue-inexperienced – thick gauge) 27. To power windows (proper door) 1. Blue-pink (thicker gauge) 2. White-black (thicker gauge) 3. Green (thicker gauge) 4. Blue-yellow (thicker gauge) five. Inexperienced-pink 6. Pink-white 7. Crimson (thicker gauge) 8. Green (thicker gauge) 9. Blue-green (thicker gauge) all wires to c-22 28. To strength mirrors (right door) 1. Mild inexperienced-black 2. Blue-black 3. Mild inexperienced-crimson 4. Light inexperienced-black 5. Light inexperienced 1,2 to c-31 3,four,5 to c-35 29. Interior mild door switch (right door) light reminder module & dome mild via diode to c-20 (red-inexperienced) 30. To rear wiring loom 1. Pink-blue 2. Inexperienced-black three. Inexperienced-yellow four. Inexperienced-yellow 5. Red-yellow 6. Yellow-pink 7. Black 8. Inexperienced 9. Inexperienced-red 2 dot 10. Blue-white eleven. Green-white 12. Pink-black thirteen. Blue-purple 14. Yellow-black 15. Yellow-blue 16. Blue 17. Blue-black 18. Blue-yellow 19. Inexperienced-crimson 1 dot for connections, see web page 11 1 three 2 1 2 3 four 1 2 three four 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 three 4 five 1 2 3 4 five-9 pedal switch n/o (usually open) 1 2 3-6 1-four five-nine 10-thirteen 14-19 web page five of nineteen 31. Strength window control buttons 1. Purple-black 2. Light green three. Blue 4. Mild green-black five. Inexperienced-black 6. Red 7. Dark pink 8. From ‘radio’ fuse (gray) nine. Blue-yellow 10. Blue-black 32. Threat light button 1. Park lights lighting signal (inexperienced) 2. Gnd (white-black) three. ??tl’ (inexperienced-black) four. ??tr’ (inexperienced-yellow) five. ??f’ (mild green) 6. ??b2’ from ‘haz/horn’ fuse (green-white) 7. ??tb’ (green-blue) 8. ??b1’ from ‘turn alerts’ fuse (red-blue) 33. Lo/hi improve button 1. Gnd (brown) 2. European ‘bc’ (mild inexperienced-crimson) & dash enhance indicator thru c-18 34. Rear screen demister button 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. From ‘rear demister’ fuse (light green) 3. To demister via c-30 (black) 35. Electricity mirrors adjustment button(s) 1. Rhs reflect (light green-crimson) 2. Gnd (white-black) 3. From ‘radio’ fuse (grey) four. Rhs mirror (light inexperienced-black) five. Lhs mirror (pink-black) 6. Lhs & rhs mirror (light green) 7. Lhs reflect (pink-white) 36. Ignition barrel all thick gauge wires cause cabin fuse container 1. ??am2’ (white-pink) 2. ??ig2’ (black-purple) 3. ??ig1’ (black-yellow) four. ??acc’ (blue-red) five. ??am1’ (white) 6. ??st1’ ecu ‘nsw’ & ecu ‘sta’ (black-white) missing pin (pinnacle left – n/c) is ‘st2’ see page eleven for conductions 37. Guidance column combination switch (rear wiper) 1. ??i’ c-30 (blue-yellow) 2. ??e’ gnd (white-black) 3. ?? 1’ c-30 (blue-black) 4. ??w’ c-ninety five (blue-white) see page eleven for conductions 38. Steerage column mixture transfer (front wipers) 1. ?? 1’ c-forty nine (blue-black) 2. ?? 2’ c-forty nine (blue-orange) three. ??ew’ gnd (white-black) four. ??w’ c-95 washing machine (white-blue) five. ?? b’ c-forty nine (blue) from ‘wipers’ fuse 6. ?? s’ c-49 (blue-yellow) see web page eleven for conductions 39. Steering column mixture switch (lighting & signs) 1. ??e’ gnd (white-black) 2. ??tl’ flip signals left (green) 3. ??tb’ flip alerts 12v (green-blue) from ‘flip alerts’ fuse four. ??tr’ flip signals right green-yellow (1 dot) 5. ??hu’ headlights excessive beam (purple-yellow) 6. ??rf’ ecu ‘els’ (purple-inexperienced) 7. ??hl’ headlights low beam (red-white) eight. ??ti’ to park lighting fixtures (inexperienced) 9. ??bo’ from ‘tail lighting fixtures’ fuse (green-white) 10. ??ho’ horn (green-yellow 2 dot) – horn button shorts this pin to gnd see web page eleven for conductions 40. Foot/lower air direction motor all wires cause c-48 1. Darkish pink-green 2. Darkish pink-purple three. Red-blue forty one. To engine bay loom forty two. To engine bay loom 1 2 three 4 five-10 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 three-7 1 2 3 4 1 2 three-eight 1 2 three 4 five 6 1 2 3 four five-10 1 2 three four five 6 1 2 three page 6 of 19 43. To cabin fuse container ‘am1’ single thick gauge twine – 12v (white) forty four. To cabin fuse field ignition wiring from connector 36 45. To (side of) cabin fuse box bypasses fuse field and connects to cabin loom forty six. To cabin loom 47. To cabin loom 48. Hvac module 1. Ecu ‘ac2’ 2. Eu ‘ac1’ 3. European ‘act’ wires connect with c-forty c-51 c-fifty two c-sixty eight c-85 c-90 c-92 forty nine. The front windscreen wiper motor 1. Blue-orange (speedy wiper velocity) 2. Blue-black (gradual wiper pace) three. Blue-yellow (intermittent/park) 4. Blue (12v regular - from ‘wipers’ fuse) all wires to c-38. Gnd on wiper motor case. 50. Sub-harness connector to sensors (established above ignitor on firewall) to sensors to primary loom c-fifty one & c52 green -------- 1 --- green-blue black ---------- 2 --- black-yellow gray ---------- three ----- green-red fifty one. Rhs sensor above ignitor (vacuum transfer valve) utilized by hvac module 1. Gnd (black-yellow) 2. To hvac module c-48 (inexperienced-blue) fifty two. Lhs sensor above ignitor (idle up valve) used by hvac module 1. Gnd (black-yellow) 2. To hvac module c-forty eight (inexperienced-crimson) fifty three. Diagnostics port (hardwired – no connector) for connections, see web page 11 54. Reverse turn on gearbox 1. To reverse light (purple-black) 2. 12v from ‘tool/sprint cluster’ fuse (red-blue) 55. Ignitor 1. European ‘igf’ (grey-black) 2. Ecu ‘igt’ (mild green-white) 3. ??ig2’ ignition (black-pink) 4. Diagnostics socket ‘ig-‘ (black) five. Pin 2 on coil c-56 (black-white) fifty six. Coil (underneath ignitor) 1. ??ig2’ ignition (black-purple) 2. Pin five on ignitorc-55 (black-white) 57. Unknown 1. ??ig2’ ignition (black-pink) 2. Ecu con-2 ‘ipv’ (white-black) ‘ipv’ is vacuum switching valve on gen2 ep82 models (unused on gen 1 ep82) 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 1 2 three 4 five 1 2 1 2 1 2 three 4 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 three web page 7 of 19 58. Throttle function sensor 1. European ‘idl’ (yellow-red) 2. European ‘e2” (gnd - brown) three. European ‘psw’ (yellow-inexperienced) 59. Boost strain / map sensor 1. Eu ‘e2’ (brown) 2. European ‘pim’ (green) 3. Eu ‘vcc’ (green-crimson) 60. Starter motor solenoid (principal voltage) single black wire (heavy gauge) – related immediately to battery sixty one. Starter motor solenoid (trigger) ignition ‘st1’ on ignition c-36 (black-white) sixty two. Alternator 1. From ‘instrument/dash cluster’ fuse (crimson- black) 2. Connection to battery through am1 fuse (white) 3. To c-17 a4 battery mild in tool cluster (yellow-black) four. Connection to battery thru am1 fuse (white) 63. Unknown same wires as c-82 1. Inexperienced-purple 2. Inexperienced-yellow (to rear of automobile c-30) sixty four. European connector con-1 sixty five. Oil pressure sensor unmarried twine (yellow) connects to device cluster c-17 a8 sixty six. Cat converter overheat sensor 1. Ecu con-2 pin 3 ‘cco? ?? (gray-inexperienced) 2. Ground (brown) 67. Oxygen sensor eu ‘ox’ (white) sixty eight. Coolant sensor (to hvac module) connector on short (10cm) sub-harness twine in white in sub-harness; blue-yellow in main loom to hvac module c-48 sixty nine. Coolant switch – for radiator thermofan to c-eighty five (mild inexperienced) temperature transfer normally closed (n/c) 70. Coolant temperature sensor (to device cluster temperature gauge) to tool cluster c-17 a12 (yellow-inexperienced) 71. Coolant temperature sensor (to eu) 1. Gnd – eu ‘e2’ (brown) 2. European ‘thw’ (inexperienced-black) seventy two. Distributor 1. Eu ‘ne’ (white-blue) 2. Eu ‘g1’ (orange-blue) three. Ecu ‘g2’ (blue-inexperienced) four. Ecu ‘g-‘ (blue-yellow) 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 three 4 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 4 web page 8 of 19 seventy three-76. Injectors 1. Injector 1 & three eu ‘#10’ (green) injector 2 & 4 european ‘#20’ (yellow) 2. Ignition ig2 (black-crimson) seventy seven. Inlet manifold temperature sensor 1. Sensor gnd eu ‘e2’ (brown) 2. Ecu ‘tha’ (mild inexperienced-black) seventy eight. Idle adjust valve (established to aspect on inlet manifold) 1. Eu ‘disc’ (purple-black) 2. 12v through efi relay (black-purple) seventy nine. Vacuum solenoid valve (controls stress to wastegate actuator) 1. 12v thru efi relay (black-red) 2. Ecu ‘vsv1’ (crimson-white) 80. Knock sensor (rear of block) ecu ‘knk’ (black) eighty one. Low stage brake fluid reservoir transfer 1. Device cluster c-17 a3 (yellow-purple) 2. Gnd (white-black) n/o circuit. At low fluid stage, circuit is shorted. Eighty two. Unknown (in front of brake fluid reservoir) equal wires as c-sixty three 1. Green-yellow 2. Green-pink 83. Fl indicator 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. ??tl’ (green-black) 84. Fl foglight 1. 12v from fog light transfer (purple) 2. Gnd (white-black) eighty five. A/c strain transfer established in a/c piping (no connectors proven). Switch typically closed (n/c) light inexperienced – c-69 (coolant sensor) light green-crimson – to ‘cooling fan’ relay, ‘a/c fan no. 2” relay & hvac module c-forty eight 86. Fl predominant light/high beam 1. From ‘headlights left’ fuse (red) 2. ??hu’ excessive beam (pink-yellow) three. ??hl’ low beam (pink-white) 87. Fl park mild 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. Lighting fixtures sign (green) 88. Radiator fan 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. 12v from ‘cooling fan’ or ‘a/c fan no.2“ relay (blue-black) 89. A/c condenser fan 1. To ‘a/c fan no. 2’ relay (blue-white) 2. To ‘cooler fan’ relay (blue) 90. Ambient temperature sensor (to hvac module) 1. White-inexperienced 2. Inexperienced-yellow to hvac module c-forty eight 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 web page 9 of nineteen ninety one. Horn from ‘horn relay’ (green-crimson) 92. A/c compressor 1. Black-red 2. Blue-black three. Green-purple 4. Yellow-crimson five. White-yellow all wires to hvac module c-forty eight ninety three. Fr primary mild & high beam 1. From ‘headlights proper’ fuse (pink-inexperienced) 2. ??hu’ high beam (crimson-yellow) three. ?? hl’ low beam (crimson-white) 94. Fr park light 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. Lights signal (inexperienced) ninety five. Windscreen washing machine pump 1. Rear washing machine to c-37 (blue-white) 2. Front washer to c-38 (white-blue) 3. 12v steady - from ‘wipers’ fuse (blue) 96. Fr indicator 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. ??tr’ (green-black) 97. Fr foglight 1. 12v from fog light switch (red) 2. Gnd (white-black) connectors plugged into the base of cream-colored cabin fuse field 1 2 1 2 1 2 four 5 three 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 three page 10 of 19 connector pinouts & conduction details conduction code legend : b1 battery supply 1 b2 battery supply 2 f flasher tb flip signal battery / power tl flip left indicators tr flip right indicators b / bi / b battery (12v) e / ew earth/floor hl headlight – low beam hu headlight – top/high beam rf sign to ecu (‘els’) ti rear lights (and front park lighting) s wiper park/intermittent 1 slow/low wiper velocity 2 speedy/excessive wiper velocity w washer pump diagnostics connector fifty three : pin wire coloration connection / feature f p blue-white 12v to gasoline pump cc o gray-inexperienced european ‘cco’ b black-purple 12v (through efi relay) w n/c - t e1 green-blue eu ‘t” t e2 n/c - v f1 green-yellow european ‘vf’ v f2 n/c - e 1 brown european ‘e1’ (ground) ox 1 white european ‘ox’ (oxygen sensor) ox 2 n/c - ig- black ignitor connector fifty five, pin 4 ab n/c - cc 2 n/c - t s purple-blue now not related to some thing o pt red-yellow to hvac module t c purple-black now not linked to something t t n/c - connector 30 : pin cord colour function 1 crimson-blue from ‘device/sprint’ fuse 2 green-black left indicator ‘tl’ three green-yellow proper indicator ‘tr’ four green-yellow unknown – from c-63 & c-eighty two 5 crimson-yellow n/c to engine bay loom 6 yellow-red handbrake floor 7 black demister strength 8 inexperienced rear park lighting ‘t’ nine inexperienced-red (2dot) unknown – from c-sixty three & c-82 10 blue-white gasoline pump eleven green-white rear brake lighting 12 red-black opposite mild 13 blue-red n/c to engine bay loom 14 yellow-black low fuel warning sign 15 yellow-blue gas level signal sixteen blue rear wiper strength 17 blue-black rear wiper – slow velocity 18 blue-yellow rear wiper – intermittent 19 green-crimson (1dot) n/c to engine bay loom o o : conduction among pins connector 32 : risk switch pin 8 6 5 7 3 four switch function b1 b2 f tb tl tr off o o on o o o o o connector 36 : ignition pin five four 3 6 1 2 key role am1 acc ig1 st1 am2 ig2 lock acc o o on o o o o o begin o o o o o connector 37 : rear wiper pin 2 1 3 four switch position e i 1 w off int o o on o o wash o o connector 38 : front wipers pin 5 6 1 2 three four transfer role b s 1 2 ew w int o o low o o excessive o o wash o o connector 39 : lights & signs pin 9 8 6 1 five 7 switch role bi ti rf e hu hl high beam off flash/skip o o o o excessive beam o o park lighting flash/skip o o o o o o o o o high beam o o o o o major lights flash/skip o o o o o connector 39 : flip signals pin 2 3 4 switch role tl tb tr left o o off right o o web page 11 of nineteen 1 2 3 4 sensors/switches relating to coolant round thermostat housing : 1 – connector 68. To hvac module 2 – connector seventy one. To european three – connector 70. To dash gauge 4 – connector 69. Temperature transfer for radiator fan radiator fan transfer (4) has internal switch : conduction when coolant < 93> 93°c 1 2 three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 cabin fuse container 1 radio 10a 2 tail lighting fixtures 15a 3 forestall lighting 10a 4 n/c - five rear demister 30a 6 wipers 20a 7 flip indicators 7.5a eight a/c 10a 9 tool/dash cluster 7.5a 10 ignition 15a 2 3 4 five 6 7 8 9 eight 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 engine bay fuse field 1 am1 60a 2 a/c condenser fan (cds) 20a 3 radiator fan 20a 4 heater 30a 5 headlights (left) 10a 6 headlights (proper) 10a 7 interior dome mild 20a 8 am2 15a 9 danger/horn 15a 10 efi 15a eleven fundamental relay - 12 ‘cooler’ relay - 13 efi relay - 14 horn relay - 15 ‘cooling fan’ relay - 1 abs relay slot abs fuse slot page 12 of nineteen #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 essential relay (n/o) ‘cooler’ relay (n/o) efi relay (n/o) 22 amp score horn relay (n/o) ‘cooling fan’ relay (n/c) 15 amp rating n/c body gnd n.B. Diagrams are of relay plugs as viewed from above fuse box, now not underside of actual relays 1 2 3 4 1 2 three four 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 a/c fan no.2 relay 1. Ignition ‘ig2’ (black-purple) 2. Gnd (white-black) three. ??am1’ fuse (white) 4. Radiator fan fuse (white-pink) element # 90987-02006 1. Ignition ‘ig2’ (black-pink) 2. Gnd (white-black) three. C-89 - a/c fan (blue) four. Cds fan fuse (blue-black) element # 90987-04002 1. Efi fuse (white-pink) 2. Ignition ‘ig2’ (black-crimson) 3. C-1 – circuit commencing relay pin 2 (black-pink) four. Gnd (white-black) component # 90987-02004 1. C-91 – horn (inexperienced-red) 2. Horn fuse (green-white) 3. C-39 - horn button (inexperienced-yellow) component # 86530-20070 1. A/c fan no. 2 relay pin 1 & c-eighty five a/c pressure transfer (light green-purple) 2. Ignition ‘ig2’ (black-crimson) three. Radiator fan fuse (white-green) 4. A/c fan no. 2 relay pin 5 & radiator fan (blue-black) n/c relay - pins three & 4 are shorted whilst coil isn't energized 1 2 three four 5 a/c fan no.3 relay (n/o) 1 2 three 5 1 2 three four five 1. ??cooling fan’ relay pin 1 & c-eighty five a/c stress transfer (mild inexperienced-crimson) 2. Ignition ‘ig2’ (black-purple) 3. A/c fan no. Three relay pin 3 (blue-crimson) four. Gnd (white-black) five. Radiator fan (blue-black) pins 3 & four are shorted when coil isn't energized element # 90987-02010 1. Gnd (white-black) 2. C-forty eight – hvac (black-blue) 3. A/c fan no. 2 relay pin three (blue-pink) five. A/c condenser fan (blue-white) part # 90987-04003 electricity home windows relay (n/o) 22 amp rating four 3 2 1 1. From electricity home windows fuse (blue) 2. C-22 door manipulate module (purple-inexperienced) three. To strength window (blue-green) 4. Gnd (white-black) component # 90987-02004 relay connection & pin info page thirteen of nineteen circuit starting relay (n/o) (connector 1) 1 2 3 four five 1. To gasoline pump (blue-white) 2. 12v from ‘efi’ relay & european ‘batt’ (black-pink) three. From ignition ‘st1’ & to starter motor solenoid & ecu ‘sta’ four. To european ‘fc’ (gasoline reduce) five. Gnd (white-black) element # 85910-10010 2 four 1 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 three 2 4 1 2 three 1 2 3 5 1 3 2 4 1 2 three 4 5 observe : pix are from 1991 (gen 1) m/t 4e-fte and not using a abs or tems abs, tems & a/t overdrive led/mild places were indicated blue connector white connector black four pin connector (increase stress gauge) sub-harness ig gnd sign ig gnd signal ig gnd tacho sign ig gnd speedo sign check engine catalytic converter overheat low oil strain handbrake battery rate gnd gnd gnd gnd gnd ig 12v 12v gnd 12v gnd 12v 12v 12v high beam ig ig ig ig 12v gnd gnd gnd gnd gnd a/t connector o/d abs ig gnd ig gnd raise strain gauge sub-harness (connects among instrument cluster & cabin wiring loom) t e m s web page 14 of 19 instrument/gauge cluster format & pcb temperature gauge sign o/d off (floor) engine test mild (floor) cat converter overheat (floor) oil stress mild (floor) tems s’ (strength) tacho sign (ig-) tems ‘n’ (strength) battery light (floor) from alternator handbrake light (floor) battery fee (fine) lighting fixtures (superb) a/t opposite rhs indicator (strength) high beam (ground) high beam 12v (from ‘h/lights proper’ fuse) lhs indicator (electricity) floor (signs & lights) speedo signal floor (gauges only) abs (ground) ignition (from ‘sprint’ fuse) gasoline degree gauge sign gas degree warning mild (floor) 2 mode rapid gauge temperature gauge fuel gauge tacho speedo o/d off oil strain handbrake exhaust temperature battery rate engine take a look at fuel degree caution abs proper indicator left indicator tems (n) tems (s) illumination high beam lo/hello boost indicator green amber ignition (ig ) signal 2 mode (lo/hi increase) floor a12 a11 a10 a9 a8 a7 a6 a5 a4 a3 a2 a1 b12 b11 b10 b9 b8 b7 b6 b5 b4 b3 b2 b1 d4 d3 d2 d1 automated transmission connector – c1 & c2 b2 b5 a12 a6 a11 a8 a3 a9 a4 a10 b1 b4 b7 b10 d3 d1 d4 d2 b9 a1 a7 a5 b8 b11 c2 c1 b12 a2 b6 b3 tool/gauge cluster wiring yellow-inexperienced purple-yellow inexperienced-white (european pin ‘w’) grey-black (ecu pin ‘egw’) mustard red-black white purple-white mustard-black (1 silver dot on wire) yellow-crimson black-pink ‘ig2’ green ‘t’ purple-black green-yellow purple-yellow (1 silver dot on cord) ‘hu’ red-inexperienced green-black white-black yellow-blue (ecu pin ‘spd’) brown crimson-yellow (2 silver dots on wire) purple-blue mustard-blue mustard-black (2 silver dots on cord) red blue black yellow page 15 of 19 /, documented by means of sagittarius®. These info are taken as a screenshot of the unmarried pdf web page referring to the gen1 (dec 1989 – jan 1992) ep82 toyota starlet gt. European information for later fashions can be acquired from the pdf. Page 16 of 19 /wiring/sls - . Corrections made to the authentic jpg : ‘vf’ pin wide variety corrected from con-1 pin 15 to sixteen; con-2 pin 7 ‘bc’ brought; coil enter for main efi relay moved from ‘st1’ to ‘ig2’ line 7 bc sixteen lo/hi enhance transfer con-2 con-1 web page 17 of 19 three coolant temp switch a/c strain switch ‘tr’ lhs door transfer rhs door transfer demister switch a/c on/off signal b-y b-r b-w starter motor battery b reverse transfer w-b lg-r gr-y dash excessive beam light lg w-b w-b 3 w-g battery (12v) am1 am2 h/lighting left h/lighting right dome efi haz/horn horn relay ecu con-2, ‘batt’ efi relay eu con-2, ‘ b1’ acc ig1 st1 ig2 ignition transfer horn prevent lighting fixtures tail lighting brake pedal transfer fuel pump eu con-2 ‘fc’ circuit opening relay (connector 1) injectors 1 & three eu con-1, ‘sta’ rear demister wipers a/c ignition dash flip radio w-l w-r l-y r-g r w-r g-w am1 am2 gr lg l w-g l-g r-b r-l tems module sprint handbrake light alternator foremost relay rad fan ‘cooling fan’ relay cds fan ‘cooler’ relay a/c condenser fan a/c fan no. 2 a/c fan no. Three radiator fan hvac module b-r b-w ecu con-1 ‘#10’ g l-w b b-r 4 1 2 five four three 1 2 3 1 2 gr-r 3 1 2 4 l l-b 2 four 1 w-b b-r l-b lg-r 1 4 3 2 2 three five 1 4 l-r b-r five 2 1 3 l-w legend : w : white b : black g : inexperienced gr : grey lg : mild inexperienced l : blue p : pink y : yellow o : orange br : brown eg. W-r : white twine, crimson hint single cord more than one wires guide roof transfer w g-r g-w heater l-w fan/blower sprint fan switch lo/med/hello l-r b-r injectors 2 & four eu con-1 ‘#20’ demister radio clock cigarette lighter relay – mild reminder strength home windows manipulate buttons energy mirrors manipulate buttons light manipulate transfer rear lights front park lighting ‘t’ ‘b’ low beam low beam excessive beam excessive beam light control switch ‘e’ ‘hu’ ‘hl’ risk transfer ‘b2’ ‘b1’ ‘f’ flasher relay turn sign transfer ‘tb’ ‘tl’ ‘tr’ left indicators dash left lamp fog light transfer fog lights clock device cluster radio dash battery light g the front washing machine rear washer wiper transfer wiper motor ignitor coil horn button r-w r-g r-w relay mild reminder ‘t’ lighting from ‘radio’ fuse from ‘sprint’ fuse g gr r-b handbrake oil pressure mild oil strain switch exhaust temp light eu con-2 ‘egw’ check engine mild eu con-2 ‘w’ gasoline stage warning mild fuel stage sender left signs sprint right lamp ‘tb’ ‘tl’ low brake fluid switch relay – mild reminder power windows energy home windows relay 1 2 four 3 window automobiles w r-g l l-g door manipulate module electricity mirrors r-y r-w w-b b-y l-r r g w-b w-b g-w b-y w-r w-b w-b b-l lg-r w-b gr-l lg gr gr-y y-r y-r y y-l g-w gr-b w-b w-b l-w w-l l-y l-b l-o b w-b b-y y-b r-b ’sprint’ fuse w a/c compressor ambient temp sensor w-g g-y coolant temp sensor vacuum transfer valve idle up valve l-y b-y g-l g-r r-b page 18 of 19 b-r a/c condenser fan & radiator fan relay configurations foremost relay rad fan ‘cooling fan’ relay cds fan ‘cooler’ relay a/c condenser fan a/c fan no. 2 a/c fan no. Three radiator fan hvac module coolant temp switch a/c strain switch ‘am1’ ‘ig2’ • ignition on • a/c off • everyday coolant temperature • ordinary a/c stress no enthusiasts walking a/c on/off sign primary relay rad fan ‘cooling fan’ relay cds fan ‘cooler’ relay a/c condenser fan a/c fan no. 2 a/c fan no. Three radiator fan hvac module coolant temp switch a/c stress switch ‘am1’ ‘ig2’ a/c on/off signal essential relay rad fan ‘cooling fan’ relay cds fan ‘cooler’ relay a/c condenser fan a/c fan no. 2 a/c fan no. Three radiator fan hvac module coolant temp switch a/c pressure switch ‘am1’ ‘ig2’ a/c on/off sign predominant relay rad fan ‘cooling fan’ relay cds fan ‘cooler’ relay a/c condenser fan a/c fan no. 2 a/c fan no. Three hvac module coolant temp transfer a/c pressure switch ‘am1’ ‘ig2’ a/c on/off sign • ignition on • a/c on • regular coolant temperature • regular a/c stress both fans powered in collection and both run at low pace • ignition on • a/c on • high coolant temperature or high a/c strain enthusiasts powered in parallel via separate fuses and run at excessive (full) pace • ignition on • a/c off • high coolant temperature • everyday a/c strain a/c condenser fan no longer walking. Radiator fan runs as high (complete) speed this page details the modern-day drift through the relay coils and switches in numerous configurations legend : coil energised modern float via relay coils contemporary float through relay contacts radiator fan page 19 of 19.

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