Usb To Cat5 Wiring Diagram

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Clever Usb To Cat5 Wiring Diagram Usb Dongles For USB Over CAT5 Connection

Clever Usb To Cat5 Wiring Diagram Usb Dongles For USB Over CAT5 Connection

Usb to cat5 wiring diagram - The dongles or connectors are very clean to build, i accumulate all the material from salvaged hardware materials: 2 ethernet hubs (8pin rj45 - salvaged from community cards) 1 usb male plug type a (any trendy usb cable) 1 usb girl plug type a (from a computer) solder gun, twine and electric tape. And of path a cat5 ethernet cable commands: the hardest component was desoldering the hubs from the salvaged pcb board, after that it was just a rely of selecting which cables of the cat5 use to solder the usb plugs and the rj45 hubs. I pick the pins within the following order: rj45 hub = usb plug pin no. 2 = green cable pin no. 4 = white cable pin no. 6 = black cable-floor pin no. 8 = pink cable i test the configuration at the opposite end and take a look at the net cam (my work thoroughly) later i isolate every soldered connection with electric tape (with yellow tape) and cover the hole element (black tape), and voila!. 25' of video cable (plus the hubs) and working. Clean and extremely cheap. You could run quite lots some thing on cat5, vga, usb, sound indicators, s-video and so forth. I am planning in the usage of my internet cam as a security cam at my front door and i was thinking in using a laptop downstairs to peer my net cam over the internet, but i have hold each desktops jogging at the same time and the want of more software as properly, so i determined to apply a cat5 to run a usb connection over as a minimum 25', i've been searching a touch over the net and i found multiple thoughts to connect usb peripherals over cat5 correctly and i went over the concern, but i understand that i failed to need to cut the cat5 and solder the usb connections to the cable, so i determine to build more than one usb dongles (lady and male) to cat5 and the cool factor is that they may be used on current ethernet network wall connections as properly. I realize that i might be pushing the limits however it is really worth the strive. I would not use this gadgets for records tho, i apprehend the there are masses of connectors obtainable that have baluns (which i do not quite recognize how they work), to ship and get hold of records signal, so i would not threat the attempt but for peripherals together with web cams, mouse or keyboard, and sound indicators would do simply best (even s-video). I would rather propose the use of a powered usb hub for the space stated above, in regards of some of the boundaries for this sort of configurations: usb limits are up to fifteen' (4.5 meters) s-video as much as 50' (15' meters) /?P=fifty eight.

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