Bosch Starter Relay Wiring Diagram

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Briliant Bosch Starter Relay Wiring Diagram Relay Installation Instructions

Briliant Bosch Starter Relay Wiring Diagram Relay Installation Instructions

Briliant bosch starter relay wiring diagram - 2) you may need to jack up the bus a touch, would possibly help you attain. Appearance in your starter. You'll see one of the put up connectors, terminal 30, has a bunch of wires going to it, big fats ones. This submit gives you your direct connection to the battery. Take the 13mm nut off the post and placed the perfect cord from the relay kit there. The relay package comes with properly commands as to which cord is supposed to go where. This wire can have a push-on terminal on one stop and a hoop connector on the opposite.

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Three) put the 13mm nut again on terminal 30, you're accomplished there. Now, pull the wire from the ignition switch off of the solenoid. Gasoline injected buses have wires up there, the idiot book has a pleasing picture of which one is ignition and that is gas injection. I think the thicker one is ignition, however i may not swear to it. Anyway, take the ignition switch cord off and positioned it on the relay terminal for transfer modern-day. This is what is going to spark off the relay.

The concept right here is to introduce a relay into the starting circuit to reduce the chances of your bus now not beginning while it's hot. Photo the course the present day from the battery should take to start your bus: from the battery all the manner up to the fuse box, thru the ignition transfer, and all of the manner back to the solenoid. You have got 20 year old wires, dirty corroded connections, and a hot solenoid, ensuring which you definitely might not get enough juice to start the auto. With the aid of including a relay into the circuit, we are enhancing that electrical route.

Elements needed: 1 bosch wr-1 low-voltage relay kit. This is a relay made especially for this reason and is derived with the wiring already made up with the proper connectors. It also comes with a 15-amp fuse for the relay.

1) disconnect the battery. Do not screw around with your starter with the battery linked. Dying or critical injury follows when you by accident brief the connections and the starter cranks the bus which you left in gear and it promptly runs you over because you are laying right in the front of the wheel.

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