3 games for designers

Each designer must be able to correctly dispose of his time, and it often happens that the game is not enough at all. And you should not forget about the rest. Today we will talk about how to combine the pleasure with the usefulness. We bring to you a collection of games for graphic designers that will help you to improve your skills.   Kern Type This game allows you to determine how strong you are in kerning (80 is considered to be a good result) and to understand in practice how the interval between letters depending on their form should vary. Shape Type Edit the guides and change the shape of the letters until you return them to the original form (the font name is indicated). With this game, you will get an idea of ‚Äčthe structure of the letters and the typography as a whole. Color For a certain time, the user must pick up the color according to the given pattern. The game has 5 levels.

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