The branding of ‘Catalan Wines’

The Barcelona design studio "toormix" embarked on a project aimed at raising the recognition of the wine brand "Catalan Wines".   They deeply thought over the visual image, which is based on the geographical location of Catalonia and used it for packages, posters, and other promotional materials. Just look!

The examples of perfect branding

Branding is an important part of any business. This is what defines the image you are trying to achieve. The way people recognize you. It is therefore important to do everything right.   Some companies, starting up with a brand, start from the very beginning, designing a logo, new business cards, envelopes and many other branded items. This article is demonstrating unique and inspirational examples of such branding.  

3 games for designers

Each designer must be able to correctly dispose of his time, and it often happens that the game is not enough at all. And you should not forget about the rest. Today we will talk about how to combine the pleasure with the usefulness. We bring to you a collection of games for graphic designers that will help you to improve your skills.   Kern Type This game allows you to determine how strong you are in kerning (80 is considered to be a good result) and to understand in practice how the interval between letters depending on their form should vary. Shape Type Edit the guides and change the shape of the letters until you return them to the original form (the font name is indicated). With this game, you will get an idea of ​the structure of the letters and the typography as a whole. Color For a certain time, the user must pick up the color according to the given pattern. The game has 5 levels.

WordPress trends 2017

WordPress is the world leader in CMS systems. 29% of CMS users choose WordPress all over the world. Trends in the IT sector are changing very quickly and in order to be afloat, you need to work with relevant tools. We picked up the top trends in WordPress 2017 for people who create websites and are interested in global design trends.  

Simplicity: landings or landing pages

Due to a large number of devices we use to go online, the key to the usability of the site is simplicity. WordPress landing is most often used for companies that deal with a single product or service or a separate project because the ability to focus the consumer's attention is hidden in simplicity. Landings are tools of future because they fit the most necessary and do not overload the reader so that it’s widely used in many design contests.  

Video content

Every year WordPress introduces a new free theme by default, which will be automatically available to every user who has installed the platform. In 2017 this theme became Twenty Seven - a sports theme with the video driver.   Static images are a little bit of history. According to Hubspot in 2018, 80% of world traffic would come from video. The benefits of the video are that it combines visual and audio communication techniques.   In the design of WordPress video, video headers are gaining in popularity and play a prominent role.  

VR: virtual reality

WordPress has announced the launch of the VR era on its platform in December 2016. You can create and publish your own VR content on any WordPress site, ranging from 360 ° of photos, 360 ° of video, and viewing normal photos and panoramas in the VR. The purpose of WordPress is to make the virtual reality even closer to the people. Virtual tours are especially useful for VR business sites.  

Illustrations and fonts

Companies are designing customer-centric design to create a sense of openness, uniqueness, thus combining the product with their audience. Increasingly in the design of sites, we can see illustrations, and not photo content.   Dynamic fonts are a standard element of web design. A distinctive typography is highlighted in one of the most important trends in the world of web design this year. WordPress offers a large number of font plugins, which makes it very easy to create a unique and expressive site.


New versions of WordPress have new features that developers conventionally called "micro-interactions".   An example of micro-interaction is the green or red check boxes that confirm the correctness of the action that appears on the site when you fill out a form with fields: sound and visual effects, etc. Micro-interactions create an additional incentive for the visitor to stay on the site and continue the average stay on the pages of the site.   WordPress is constantly evolving and in 2017 there are qualitative changes to the platform. Adapting to the demands of the modern world, the modification and design of WordPress are being modified. Obviously, the platform will remain a leader in CMS systems. And it's already interesting how WordPress will be designed in the coming years.  

Colorful identity by Reynolds and Reyner

In 2001, Reynolds and Reyner completed two major redesigns of paint branding projects. After that, a small Finnish company, which planned to enter the US market, was approached by them. Not having the past, like most of the existing brands in this segment, but believing in the future, the key component for the release of the brand on the market was its visual image. "We do not just want to, we must! Stand out "- this phrase was the basis for working on the ideas of the visual image of the company.   The guys from RR performed the task at all 100%. The identity turned out incredibly bright and inspiring.  

Creative business cards


  High quality made business cards not only convey your contact information to a new person but also show your character. That is if you want to show everyone your creativity, and fresh ideas in design, then it is unlikely that you will come up with a classic, strict business card.   Below are two series of business cards for barbershops. First developed by Y & R Thailand for the Glammer Education Institute of Hair Design.       The second Alexis Rom for the Barcelona salon 'Get Up'. For this project, a whole set of seals is created, with which you can create a large number of options, not only vintage style business cards.


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